The greyhound once again served as my loyal companion. I hopped on a 4.5 hour journey costing a humble $13. The greyhound actually uses union station as the stop in DC, the perfect first tourist destination for me. Off the bus I was met by grandeur. European inspired Romanesque architecture with spiral staircases dividing great […]

Lets face it eating at home, in a cafe, pub or even a restaurant isn’t good enough. This fast paced life we all lead requires nutrition on the go. NY seems to understand this predicament, the answer is street meat! If you need a pretzel the size of your face, this is the place for […]

In the UK generally speaking we stick to the roots when it comes tipping. We tip when they’ve done a pukka job… ’Top job Sir, well deserved, enjoy a cold beer and a bag a pork scratching on me!’ Across the Atlantic our North America neighbours also have this classic form of gratuity which we […]

There’s something magical about Manhatten that makes people want to be there, the hustle, bustle and non stop, iconic lifestyle. A high population and the fact that its an island makes space here expensive. Sooo if you can’t build out, build up! Buildings in Manhattan all creep into the sky. As I walked around I […]

So NY has bucket loads of cool sights to sink your grotty little teeth into. It feels like your walking around a television set, every stereotype in the book. Each morning X marked the spot on the map; a new adventure. Somehow engraving a sight you’ve seen 10,000,000 times on TV, in person, onto your […]